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Perfecta Paving - Services

Whether you have in mind whether it is a small patio, a winding pathway, a change of level or a more ambitious driveway layout, you'll find something in our comprehensive range to suit your needs, with an extensive range of colours and textures to match any of your requirements.

Block Paving
With an extensive range of block paving products and the choice of shapes, colors and textures available there is virtually no limit to the effects that you can create, whether it be for your driveway, patio or pathway.

All Building Work
Perfecta Paving have built their reputation on quality building work, including extensions, garden walls and renovations.

Kerbing and Edging
Extend the unique style and character of your paved area using kerbs as either an edge restraint, planter or steps. Similarly, the range of attractive edgings can add the finishing touch to any paving design.

The range of accessories available are manufactured to complement the concrete block paving products with each accessory designed to provide either a perfect start or finish, or an added design opportunity to each product.

We can provide a number of types of fencing, including trellis screens, panel fencing etc. All of our fencing materials are fully treated, can design and construct most types of Fencing which includes our comapny gurantee

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